Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies Quality Built Systems and Tools for Hydrostatic Testing, End Forming, Tube Expansion, High Pressure Accessories Airmo Inc. Your  Equipment and Tools Supplier for Hydrostatic Testing, End Forming, Tube Expansion, High Pressure Accessories
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Airmo Inc. is a leading equipment designer and manufacturer of patented hydrostatic testing, end forming, and tube expansion systems and tooling with pressure capabilities ranging up to 60,000 psi (4,137 bar).

Our product line includes power sources and hand tools that can test for leaks using either gases, such as: air, nitrogen, helium; or liquids, like: water, glycol, oil, fuel, SKYDROL, and many others.

We design and engineer high-pressure components for our own production test equipment, so their quality is unsurpassed.


Airmo Specializes in Applications for:

  • Aerospace System Testing
  • Boiler Re-tubing and Sleeving
  • Custom Metal Forming
  • Heat Exchanger Manufacturing/Testing
  • Oil Exploration
  • Power Plant MRO
  • Swaging
  • Tube and Pipe Expansion or Reduction
  • Tube Forming and Testing
  • Tube Manufacturing
  • Water Jet Cutting

Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies Minneapolis MN Facility

Airmo, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Engineering and Production Facility
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Charles Smida

Harry Morán
Chief Executive Officer

Julie Campbell
Chief Financial Officer

Joe Hoium
Inside Sales Engineer

Susanne M. Nelson

Marketing Manager




Hydrostatic Pressure Systems and Tools

  • Hydrostatic pressure systems provide a safe, fast, efficient means of testing and expansion of tubes
  • Expand tubes in fins for heat exchanger manufacturing
  • Repair boiler tubes by expanding (sleeving) a new tube into a damaged tube
  • Expand (swage) tubes into tube sheets

End Forming Systems and Tools

  • Hydraulic power packs produce raw forming strength in a compact package
  • End forming tools are used to expand, reduce, flare, bead, swage, or slit to exact specifications
  • Tool options include: hand-held, power pack mounted, or bench mounted

Hydro-Expansion Systems and Tools

  • Hydromechanical tube expansion systems and tools use water to force a ball through the tube to expand it
  • Hydro-expansion systems and tools use pressurized water taken past its yield point for tube expansion

High-Pressure Components and Accessories

  • Componets and Accessories include: accumulators, air bleed valves, air-driven pumps, check valves, control valves, dump valves, hoses and fittings, live swivels, pressure regulators, quick disconnects, and relief valves
  • Air-Driven Pumps have high-pressure flows from 0.5 gpm to 2 gpm (1.9 lpm to 7.6 lpm)
  • Patented Quick Disconnect Couplings rated at 20,000 psi, 30,000 psi, and 60,000 psi (1,379 bar, 2,068 bar, 4,137 bar)

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