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How it all began . . .


In the mid 1940's George A. Smida and Johnny Rodgers designed and built a prototype pump, valve, and tools for Rodgers Hydraulics, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN. A few years later, this equipment was incorporated into the standard Rodgers Hydraulics product line.






Company Founder George A. Smida

George A. Smida


George A. Smida and his wife Louscinda, purchased the rights to the pump, valve, and tool product line from Rodgers Hydraulics, and the remainder of the business was sold to a firm in California.

George Smida's Machine Shop became the new company name, and the production facility was moved into an 800 sq. ft. (74 sq. m.) backyard machine shop. Right from the start George's son, George R. Smida, began working in the shop to learn the business from his father. Together they built up the company that has grown profitable and expanded over its long history.

The first AMHI Model A-6 Air-Operated Power Pump with a maximum operating pressure of 6,000 PSI is used to expand tubing for heating, ventilating, and refrigeration coil manufacturing.


AMHI Model A-6 Air-Operated Power Pump

Model No. A-6


Introduced a new company name and logo. The company became known as Air-Mo Hydraulics, Inc.
(Air-Motor/Hydraulics - Air-Over Hydraulics).





First Air-Mo Hydraulics Inc. Logo


Relocated to a larger 3,600 sq. ft. (334 sq. m.) location in Blaine, Minnesota, allowing for greater production and testing capabilities.

A new Air-Mo Hydraulic Power System is designed and built.








George R. Smida with New Air Mo Hydraulic Power System

George R. Smida


Company celebrates twenty-five years in business.



The Model 121375 Series Air-Driven Pump is designed and ready for production.



The company moves to a new 14,000 sq. ft. (1,300 sq. m.) facility in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This expansion developed into a complete turnkey production operation that included: assembly and machining centers, R&D capability, Engineering staff, in-house Sales force, and Executive team. The facility is conveniently located to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.



Model 200 Series High-Pressure Hydraulic Tube Expander and Hydrostatic Tube Tester Systems enter the market in the 1990's.


Model 200 Series Tube Expander

Model 200 High-Pressure
Tube Expander


Airmo, Inc. Pressure Technologies becomes the new company name, and the logo is change to the current image.


Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies New Logo


Company marks fifty-year anniversary.    


System designs are more compact for hydraulic pressure testing and offer higher psi (bar) pressure ranges.



George R. Smida sells the company to his son Charles Smida. Since 1975 Charles has been committed to the family business. His leadership has driven changes in the organization to reflect customer expectations centered on quality products, exceptional service, and on-time delivery.


Charles Smida as a young boy at George Smida's Machine Shop

Charles Smida at George Smida's
Machine Shop in 1962


New logos and registered trademarks reflect the Airmo, Inc. Pressure Technologies product lines:
TestMaster®, SelectForm®, ExpanTek®, and NuQuip®.


Airmo Product Line Logos


Airmo, Inc. Pressure Technologies develops and launches three new ExpanTek® Tools: Model 180 Series, Model 280 Series, and Model 380 Series.



New product introductions for the patented TestMaster® Model 350 Series Bottle Tester; and patent pending for the TestMaster® Model 310 Series Hose Tester.







TestMaster Model 350 Series Bottle Tester Tool

Model 350 Series


NuQuip® Live Swivel introduced, offering full rotation at working pressure up to 30,000 psi (2,068 bar).



TestMaster® Model 464 Series Hydrostatic Test Tool is developed with working pressure up to 40,000 psi (2,758 bar).

A new version of the NuQuip® Quick Disconnects are introduced and capable of working temperature down to -240° F (-151° C) at 60,000 psi (4,137 bar).


New TestMaster® Model 64 Series Tool rated at 10,000 psi (689 bar) is smaller, more compact than its predecessors with a custom-designed 90° port for use in tight spaces. Developed for the aerospace market - a wide range of TestMaster® Tools are used for the U.S. Military Joint Strike Fighter Program and The Boeing Company 787 Dreamliner commercial aircraft.

A TestMaster® HPS Hydrostatic Pressure System is designed for testing or expansion of up to four tubes simultaneously.

ExpanTek® Triplex Hydro-Ball Expansion System with a powerful, twenty-five horsepower motor and 10,000 psi (689 bar) pressure rating is the largest single station unit sold to a customer in Asia.

Global sales of core products to customers in Latin America, Europe, and Asia bring substantial growth for business.

Patent for TestMaster® Model 350 Series Tool is finalized; the specially threaded design dramatically speeds testing of bottles, tanks, and cylinders.

Registered trademark awarded to new Airmo, Inc. tag line.

Airmo Tag Line

An anniversary logo is created to mark 65 Years of Excellence in designing and building systems and tools for hydrostatic testing, end forming, tube expansion and high-pressure accessories.


Custom Designed TestMaster Model 64 Series Tool

Model 64 Series

Airmo 65th Anniversary Seal, 1946-2011


Airmo Inc. celebrates the company's 70th Anniversary with a history of quality and excellence.


Airmo 70th Anniversary Seal, 1946-2016