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NuQuip High-Pressure Accessories and Components
NuQuip High-Pressure Hoses and Fittings - Up to 46,400 psi (3,200 bar)

NuQuip® High-Pressure Hoses and Fittings - Up to 46,400 psi (3,200 bar)

Airmo offers eight series of high-pressure hoses specifically designed to meet industrial requirements, and custom-made hoses for the off-shore industry. Hoses are composed of an inner core made of high-grade thermoplastic material, several layers of high tensile steel wires, and an outer cover of either polyamide or polyurethane. This combination along with a unique spiral winding process to reinforce wires, results in a wide range of flexible hosing.

Contact Airmo for specific product information to meet your application needs.

Please specify the following information when contacting Airmo:

  • Type of application
  • Maximum pressure range
  • Testing media
  • Inner hose diameter
  • Hose length
  • Required fittings for hose end
  • Quantity
Airmo Logo Maximum Pressure: Working pressure up to 46,400 psi (3,200 bar)
Airmo Logo Fittings: Stainless-steel construction
Airmo Logo Options: Various configurations available
Airmo Logo Rating: High-pressure ratings
Airmo Logo Flow: Excellent flow characteristics
Airmo Logo Expansion: Low volumetric expansion
Airmo Logo Chemicals: Outstanding chemical resistance
Airmo Logo Weight: Light-weight and flexible
Airmo Logo External Pressure: Resistant to external pressures
Airmo Logo Environmental: UV and ozone resistant

Adobe PDF NuQuip® Product Line Card.pdf


High-Pressure Hoses



ID Hose Size

OD Hose Size

Minimal Bend Radius
2 Light-weight and flexible 0.13 in. to 0.93 in.
0.27 in. to 1.22 in. 6,382 psi to
17,405 psi
2.4 in. to
11.8 in.
2K Flexible with excellent kink resistance 0.16 in. to 0.93 in. 0.39 in. to 1.28 in. 6,962 psi to
17,405 psi
2.6 in. to
11.0 in.
2W Greatest flexibility with high working pressures 0.16 in. to 0.50 in. 0.39 in. to 0.80 in. 13,343 psi to 20,305 psi 2.6 in. to
5.9 in.
3 Rugged and durable with high burst pressures 0.20 in. to 0.25 in. 0.42 in. to 0.49 in. 15,084 psi to 16,244 psi 3.7 in. to 4.3 in.
4 Versatile for severe service hydraulics, water blasting, and pressure testing 0.16 in. to 0.78 in. 0.40 in. to 1.17 in.
14,504 psi to 31,328 psi 5.1 in. to
9.8 in.
6 Outstanding reliability for toughest extreme pressure applications 0.16 in. to 0.75 in. 0.43 in. to 1.24 in. 20,305 psi to 40,611 psi 6.9 in. to
13.8 in.
6H Extremely flexible for highest working pressures 0.20 in. to 0.32 in. 0.55 in. to 0.70 in. 36,260 psi to 40,610 psi 8.7 in. to
10.2 in.
8 Designed for extreme pressure waterjet cutting and high-pressure robotic applications 0.16 in. 0.54 in. 46,400 psi 6.9 in.


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