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TestMaster Hydrostatic Pressure Systems and Test Tools
TestMaster Model 500 Series Hydrostatic Test Tools - Up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

TestMaster® Model 500 Series Hydrostatic Test Tools - Up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

The patented TestMaster® Model 500 Series Hydrostatic Test Tool allows production speed hydrostatic testing for tube mills and other applications where accurate, rapid testing is needed. The tool design employs an air-operated mechanism for positive preclamp and release of collets. Its tube seal retracts during tube loading and removal, greatly enhancing the seal life. The tool can be used with a variety of services, including water and oil.

The Model 500 Series Tool is suitable for hydrostatic pressure testing up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar). The Model 500 handles standard and metric tube, pipe, and fittings sizes from 0.25 in. to 3.50 in. OD (6.4 mm to 88.9 mm OD). This tool is suitable for testing according to military, nuclear, automotive, and aerospace specifications such as, API, ASTM, ISO, DIN, and BS.

The pressure compensated design of the Model 500 Tool places the tube or pipe in tension, using internal pressure to grip and seal on the tube OD. This design eliminates tube clamping devices along the tube length. One body size will accommodate multiple wall thicknesses, while maintaining high fill rates.

Normally two Model 500 Tools are used for tube testing. One tool fills the tube, and the other tool plugs the tube until completely filled. For optimal tool performance use with NuQuip® Automatic Air Bleed Valves.

Contact Airmo for special tube sizes and tool configurations.


Airmo Logo Maximum Pressure: Working pressure up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)
Airmo Logo

Tube OD Range: 0.25 in. to 3.50 in. OD (6.4 mm to 88.9 mm OD)

Airmo Logo Temperature: 32° F to 120° F (0° C to 49° C)
Airmo Logo Services: Water and oil
Airmo Logo Velocity: Full-flow, high pre fill
Airmo Logo Collet Grip and Seal: On tube OD
Airmo Logo Gripping: Pressure-compensated design
Airmo Logo Actuation: Air-piloted clamp and release
Airmo Logo Mounting: Tapped holes in body
Segmented Collets and Retractable Seal: Quick connection to plain end or upset tube or pipe
Predetermined Internal Tube Stop: Requires no measuring
Airmo Logo Low Marking Collets: Prevents tube end collapse and eliminates scrap
Built-in Tube End Tolerances: Requires no square cut ends
Airmo Logo Compact, Balanced Design: Portable for use in field testing
Airmo Logo Construction: Precision-machined, heat-treated stainless steel
Airmo Logo Tube Size Sets: Rapid changeover between tube sizes
Airmo Logo Compatible with NuQuip® Automatic Air Bleed Valves: Eliminates operator attendance during fill cycle
Airmo Logo Custom Options: Custom designs considered

Adobe PDF Model 500 Series Hydrostatic Test Tools.pdf

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TestMaster® Model 500 Series Tools are used for a variety of applications.

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Tube mill pipe testing
  • Hydro-expansion on tubes and pipes


TestMaster® Hydrostatic Test Tools

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